Dependable Dumpster Rental in Worcester

front-load-genericPeople rent dumpsters for various reasons. These can be house remodeling projects or just simple clean outs of the yard, shed, garage, basement or attic. We offer our dumpster rental services for those who are situated in Worcester, MA and surrounding areas. A dumpster is a quick and efficient way of getting rid of waste. We strive to keep Worcester clean and every homeowner and company in this area should try to do the same.

Why rent a dumpster vs. letting regular trash pick-up handle it? Unfortunately, construction and renovation projects often produce big quantities of waste which regular trash pick-up trucks cannot fit. Even if they could, it would take several runs before you would be rid of all the garbage.

If you’ve just finished renovating your kitchen for example, you will most likely want to rent a 20 or 30 yds dumpster to get rid of all the extra tiles, cement, cabinets, flooring and other materials that have been left over. The type of dumpster that we offer is called a roll-off dumpster. These have an open top and they can be easily loaded to a specialized dumpster truck.

Are you a homeowner? You will want to make sure that there is enough space on your property to hold the dumpster. While it’s not a big problem for residential homes, commercial projects such as restaurants usually have difficulty renting large dumpsters as they have limited space. In such cases it is best to rent a small dumpster on wheels that is picked up and delivered on a regular basis.

If you’ve hired a contractor to remodel your home, they will most likely rent a dumpster when the project is finished. In such cases there is no need to bother. But what if you’re working alone or if you’ve decided to throw out all the junk that has been lying in your garage or basement? In such cases calling a dumpster rental company like ours is the best solution.

Another advantage of dumpsters is that you can dump it all there, without having to sort recyclables from non-recyclables. The dumpster company takes care of this. To be more exact, the recycling and sorting is done on-site at the landfill or transfer station. However, be advised that some materials cannot be thrown out (for example hazardous or infectious waste). Other types of junk like electronics may require an additional small fee to be collected or, if you’re throwing out scrap metal, we can even give you a discount.

Before you can order please write down an estimate amount of how much debris you have to get rid of and its type. This way we can suggest a dumpster size more quickly.

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